Thursday, 24 November 2011

Well hello there!

So I've been MIA for about oh...... 7 months? I know, bad Bex, slap on the wrist etc. I don't really have a valid excuse, I just got super busy, and out of the rythm of blogging!

Anyhow, of late, I have been chatting with some lovely bloggers on twitter and they've got me all inspired to give this blog another go and maybe try my hand at some youtube tutorials :s scary biscuits!

I'm not sure why my pictures aren't working on my older posts, Im gunna see if I can find someone that can fix it, fingers crossed!!

So over the last 7 months, I've been a busy busy girl, over the next wee while I'll post pictures and video's etc of shoots I have been working on and also a TV series called Coast that I worked on over the summer ( so I will have lots of good stuff to come, I promise!!

For today, I thought I would post some pics that have inspired my first possible youtube tutorial! It was requested by the gorgeous Sera from
The concept was thought up by the wonderful photographer Julie Mullin, she wanted to do a 60's inspired shoot. We decided to use model Sharon Watson, as with her short platinum blonde hair, big eyes and long limbs, she has a very 'twiggy' look.

This is one of my personal favourites from the shoot, I love the look of her eye peeking out!

This is just a wee taster, there are more pics on my facebook page

And finally, this stunning picture was used as an advertisement for Paul Stafford Hair after Paul saw the picture!

Hope you guys liked this first post back! I promise I'll keep em coming!


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