Monday, 5 December 2011

Make up before and after, did it last?!

So as some of you may know, I sing. Not just in the shower, but on a slightly more professional level.
Before I studied to be a make up artist, I did a Bachelor of Performing arts with a major in Jazz singing, and since moving in to NI, I auditioned and secured a place in Belfast Community Gospel Choir. The choir is in no affiliated with any church or religion and has members from all walks of life, gay, straight, black, white, all colours, all creeds, and we have SO much fun. Anyway, I digress.

On Saturday night past, I was singing with 19 other girls and guys, including my Dad who is also a member, and the lovely Gemma Louise from champagne lifestyle student budget, and I was also going to the Skrillex after party straight afterwards.
Thing is, my skin is having a meltdown, I have no idea why, but I got a spot, and I'm not talking a wee blemish, I mean a MASSIVE spot. (trust me, you'll see the pics!)
So I needed my make up to cover the redness and pigmentation of the spot, and stay put through me performing and hour and forty minute set dancing and singing with the choir, then the hours of dancing to follow. All in all, I needed some heavy duty make up.

So, I primed, and I primed, and I primed. Yes, I used 4 primers on my face/eyes, but you will see, my make up barely moved!
Oh and NO TOUCH UPS! I promised I wouldn't so you could all see how it held up. (the things I do for

So these first pictures were actually taken in the car right after the concert, I didn't have time to take one before we went on stage, we literally had to run, it was madness.
The make up was applied around 8-8.30pm.

Check out the other head growing on my chin!!! I told you!! Under normal circumstances, that bad boy would have been edited out before it saw the light of day on the interwebs, but alas, I couldn't very well edit pics about my make up and put them up here! So the bare truth it is!

My eyes were primed with UD primer potion, followed by MAC paint pot in Painterly, AND then UD cream shadow ransom. PHEW! The shadow on the lid is MAC typographic, the crease is MAC beautiful Iris, with a wee bit of MAC Vibrant Grape to blend them together. The liner is the Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Felt Tip Liner, with Collection 2000 Glam Crystal liner in Rock Chick over the top, and lashings of L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara.
On the upper and lower water lines I used MAC Fluid Line in Black Track.

So! The middle of the night, sweatin like a maniac, I nipped to the ladies, and took a pic of how my make up was holding up (cue strange looks from people in the toilets)

Not too bad, the horrendous mountain on my face is still covered, so that's a win! Any sign of lip gloss has vanished, but I'm fine with that.

For my base I used Mac Prep and Prime, this is personally my favourite primer, I just love the texture and the wear. My foundation is a Rimmel 16 Hour wear in the colour Ivory. Concealer of course is the AMAZING Collection 2000 16hr concealer that I adore (you only need look at the mountain to see why!)
I powdered with the ELF complexion perfection powder. I powdered lightly as well by the way, one light sweep across the face was enough.
For contour I used Illamasqua powder blush in Disobey, blush was Elizabeth Arden Terra-Rose, Highlight was a number 7 one, I have no clue what its called however (sorry :s)

And finally, at 3am, when we stumbled back to the car, feet and legs aching from dancing non stop to the amazing beats of Skrillex, in the sweat box that is Stiff Kitten

The eyeshadow has started to wear away at the bottom corners of my eyes, and my blush is gone, leaving only the contour, which ends up looking quite severe, and I certainly don't look as 'fresh' but all in all, I'm pretty damn pleased!!

So a few wee tips, use long wear products, I wouldn't normally use the rimmel foundation, but I know it's super long wearing.
And DO NOT rub your face. This is a biggie. People tend to wipe their faces when they get sweaty, and in turn wipe off all their make up. The trick is, get a bit off toilet paper or a tissue, and pat any sweat or oil off your face, you'll be lifting the excess off the skin without disturbing your base.

Oh yes, and forgive my eyebrows, I have my waxing appt on Tuesday, I just can't tweeze them, it's far too sore!

Hope you guys enjoyed this!

If you have any questions about the products I used, or how to get your make up to last longer, give me a shout and I'll see if I can help.



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