Wednesday, 2 May 2012

DIY: Nail Polish Storage


I'm sure you all have guessed by now, from all my nail posts, that I am fond of the odd nail polish or two.


I'm addicted..... but can you blame me??!!

Last year I came across a video on youtube for a handy wall mounted nail polish storage solution. I had been storing my polishes in a drawer, but A. I couldn't see the colours easily, and B. I ran out of room :/

So myself and Bex from Bex's Fashion Tips decided we would try our hand at making a nail polish rack

I bought the tape I used on mine from Amazon, as did Bex (you can see a pic of hers over on her blog)

As you can see, it's a pretty decent size. I have the polishes set out in colour order rather than brand, so it starts with clear polishes in the top left, down to blacks in the second to last row. In the bottom row I have special effects polishes (crackles, magnet etc)

Right, here is where it gets a bit embarrassing...... for Christmas, Bex kindly made me ANOTHER rack, same size, but with different tape. So, I actually have two of these bad boys :/ now thankfully they aren't both full, but I only have a bit of space left. Each rack holds approx. 80 - 100 polishes (depending on bottle size)

Seriously, I have a problem!!

On the top you can see I have nail polish remover, and a little bag that I keep my nail art stuff in (konad etc)
I have actually moved this now in to a carry case that I got for Christmas (also filled with nail polish. People are feeding my addiction!!!!) it just keeps things a bit tidier looking.

Anyway, should you want to make one of these yourself, here is the link to the video we followed!

DIY: Nail Polish Wall Rack

You can get pretty creative with the different tape designs you can get out there! I went for a cute Russian doll tape, and a pink gingham, as it suits my room :)

What do you guys think? Would you be interested in making something like this?

Speak soon!



  1. I love your Russian Doll tape, very cute. I think I need some storage like this, I've currently bunged all my polishes into two plastic containers and it's getting a bit uncomfortably full.

    S xx

  2. You should definitely make one of these then! really inexpensive, sturdy, they look cute and hold loads! x

  3. What kind of carry case do u have? I'm trying to find or even make one!

    1. Hey Lisette, the case I have is a plastic clear box. I'm honestly not sure where it is from as my mum bought it for me for christmas and she can't remember :/ This is closest thing I can find to it Hope that helps a bit?


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