Monday, 10 September 2012

Autumn/Winter 2012/13 Trends

Hey chums,

As much as it PAINS me to say, 'summer' is gone :( I held out some hope that maybe, just maybe we would get some glorious weather, but alas, there was none to be had.

This Autumn Winter 2012/13 season, brings us a new set of trends to get our hands on. The major trend across the board is flawless fresh skin.

That real no make up, make up look. Super glowy, softly contoured skin that's sculpted, but with no harsh lines, and that 'real skin' appearance. Ensuring that your face matches your neck and chest is vital with this trend to give it that really seamless look.

Next on our trend watch list for this AW season, is always a favourite, in the shape of a smokey eye. But with a twist. I'm talking cranberry, magenta, burnt oranges, blues, bronzes, plums and golds. Super smoked out and soft near the edges, no harsh lines, with hints of terracotta and peach on the cheeks.

                                       LH Photo by Julie Mullin   RH backstage at Donna Karan

If you aren't brave with your colours, start out with the warm browns and bronzes with a pop of colour in the form of eyeliner or mascara.

And finally, my favourite trend of the season, dark lips. YUM!

Berries, almost blacks, plums, purples, ruby's, they're all go this season. In matte and glossy finishes.
If the thought of a full on dark lipstick puts the fear of god in you, why not try a lip stain?

With that in mind, my friend Becca was over last week, and I showed her a still of a video I had filmed, she asked me to do the look and her, and below is the results!

I used an MUA lip pencil in Brooding Plum, and Marks and Spencer Limited Collection lipstick in Amethyst. I am in LOVE with this combo, unfortunately as it was night time, I had to use artificial lighting and comes across a bit pinker than it really is.  I have worn this 3 times in the last week, I think that's a record for me!!

Anyway, without further adieu....Becca:

And just for giggles, me rocking a dark lip earlier this year! (I always get a weirdy eye in pix :/)

On the lovely Becca, I used Bourjois healthy mix serum and MAC moisture cover on the skin. A bit of NYC bronzer and Elizabeth Arden Terrarosa blusher, with the gorgeous New CID i-Glow.

On the eyes, MAC Soft Ochre Paint pot and Brule eyeshadow, with a bit of soft brown and kid eye shadows in the crease. I pressed some Carbon eyeshadow in to the lash line, and finished with some black mascara.

What do you guys think? Will you be wearing any of these trends this Autumn/Winter? Do you like any/all of them?

And what dya think of the berry lip on Becca?

Speak soon



  1. Love the makeup on Becca and you. Becca's skin is glowing!!

    Nic x

    1. Thanks Nic! I'm tellin ya! The i-glow is from the gods!! lol. x


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