Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Tuesday Tip: Storing your perfumes in your pants!

Hi Chums,

Back again for another Tuesday tip!
A few days a go, I had a friend round and I was looking for some perfume to pop on before we headed out.
So I reached in to my underwear drawer to be meet with a shocked "Why is your perfume in your pants drawer?" It was then I realised, this would be a perfect Tuesday Tip! 

Just like most of us, I love pretty packaging, and perfumes especially, often come in gorgeous bottles in various shapes and colours, and the immediate reaction is to leave them all sitting out on your dresser so everyone can admire your gorgeous perfume bottles.

But this is exactly where we go wrong :( Perfume contains quite a few chemicals, one of them being Alcohol, when alcohol of that level of purity is left exposed to the air and sun, it begins to evaporate = bye bye perfume.

Secondly, the sun and can also affect the scent notes in your perfume, so while you mmight be in love with your newest fragrance, it might not smell the same after a few months baking in the sun!

So here is my Tuesday Tip: Store your perfumes (or aftershaves, which ever tickles your fancy) in a drawer or cupboard. I tuck mine in between my pants so I know the bottles won't get damaged and they won't be exposed to air or light, but basically anywhere out of the harmful reach of sun, heat and a lot of air exposure, and you will find your lovely scents will last a heck of a lot longer, and still smell gorgeous months after purchase!

Hope this was helpful!

Speak soon


EDIT: I do apologise for the lateness of this post, apparently blogger decided not to post it when I had it scheduled :(


  1. This is a fab tip! I'll be doing this myself, thanks! :D x

    1. No problem! Glad you founf it helpful, it's a good wee trick! x


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