Thursday, 6 September 2012

Vichy Idealia aka Cream of life!!

Hi Chums,

A little over a month ago, the PR team at Vichy sent me an email asking if I would like to try to a brand new product they were about to launch: Vichy Idelia
the smoothing and illuminating cream, which is described as being ‘good enough to eat’ due to its luxurious fruity scent, transforms the quality of the skin for a fresh and more even-looking complexion"
I've long been a lover of their make up products so I jumped are chance to try their skincare!

So one lovely day, a wee package arrived containing my new pot of Vichy Idealia, and then the mothership descended "I need that more than you!" "you've still got nice young skin" "my skins all red and blotchy" you get the point. Alas, she wore me down (she did put up a good argument to be fair) you see, since the mothership hit menopause, well, her once vibrant skin took a bit of a turn for the worse. She developed dry red patches, uneven skin tone,  and then some fun hormonal breakouts, it just wasn't great. We had tried everything to remedy the problems, from YSL to boots own brand, but nothing cut the mustard.

Enter Vichy Idealia

Initial thoughts on opening the packaging, it smells gorgeous, not too strongly scented, just nice and soft. The jar is a good size at 50ml, nice and sturdy and attractive (incase you want to leave it on your dresser).
I swatched it on my hand and it felt gorgeous really, so soft and smooth without being at all greasy, and it absorbed in to the skin quickly leaving it feeling really soft an supple.

I was beginning to regret my decision to let the mothership test what was appearing to be a stunner of a product.

The next morning, freshly cleansed, the mothership applied the Vichy .... And I was met with comments such as: "oh this is lovely" "it feels so nice!" etc. 

You see we were a bit worried, that as mums skin is very dry, and sensitive, that this product may not work for her.

You're probably wondering at what point I realised this was an actual miracle cream sent from the gods? Within 3 days, yes 3 days, mums skin was transformed.I'm not even being melodramatic her. It was like totally new fresh glowing skin.

Gone where the red dry patches and spots, and back was the fresh supple radiant glow mums skin used to have. Needless to say, she hasn't shut up about it since. My mum is an interior designer and spends all day talking to people, they all now know about this moisturiser!!

It's been a month now, and just before writing this I asked mum if there was anything she could say about the product that she didn't like. Her response? She didn't like that one day the pot would be empty because she would have used it all!!

Well, if that doesn't convince you I don't know what will!

Seriously chums, it's only every now and then I genuinely get so so so excited about a product that I just can't get across to you enough how amazing it is, this is one of those times!

The Vichy Idealia retails at £22.00 for 50ml and is available at Gordons Chemists.

I would happily pay more than this, even just to see the mothership look and feel so much more confident now her skin is glowing again.

I can't recommend this highly enough!

Have any of you tried the Vichy brand before? I've used their foundations before and they're amazing, it's annoying that they aren't as well known here as they products all seem to be brilliant!!

Speak soon


Edit: So I've just read the press release, and this is what is says: 
It is the first Vichy skincare range to help restore the behaviour of healthy looking skin. Easily absorbed, the gel like cream dries quickly and gives a radiant glow while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. Idealia is suitable for any age and for all skin types including sensitive skin. Although most users experience a radical difference to their skin within a few days, the makers of Idealia expect results to show after one month’s use.

Now, I am reading this AFTER writing the review above, so I think it's safe to say, this product ACTUALLY does what it claims to do!! 

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  1. Yes .i have tried lots of moisturisers from various cosmetic ranges.some were very expensive I thought at this price some of these products must contain something special but I have never used such a brilliant product as Idealia by Vichy. It is brilliant it restores a lovely glow.Skin looks smoother and younger.It also feels soft and smooth.I have been told I look like I have been on holidays.My skin looks younger,smoother and less stressed. I would highly recommend this product and I intend to use it in future.The cost is excellent as it is a top class product.


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