Saturday, 1 December 2012

Nail Polish and Nail Art Collection

Hi lovelies!

As I'm sure you have all come to realise, I have a SHOCKING amount of nail polish and nail art bits and pieces.

A few people seemed interested to see all that I have, so I thought I would show you what I currently have in my collection, and how I store it all!

Prepare yourselves though.... I definitely have a problem....

Okay, so let's get this outta the way, this is how I store my actual polishes, if you want to know more about my shelves I did a full post on them HERE, how I made them etc. So, I organise them by colour rather than by brand, I know some people prefer to do it by brand, but I think if the colours were everywhere it would just make me cry.

Okay, so I store my nail art pens in an old glossybox box, and I use this handy clear container to hold some basic stuff (I obviously also use this as a palette sometimes!lol)

So I have some nail polish remover, cotton wool, top coat, base coat, cuticle pusher, nail files, cuticle cream, ya know those kinda things in there. I also have wheels and vials with different beads and gemstones and pearls etc, but I store those in this box:

Along with some other nail art decals, transfers, and also my nail wheels that have my basic colours on them.

Also pictured there is some of the bits in the clear box.

I also store my metal studs and black gemstones in this handy box that I picked up from eBay. I need another one to put all the little beads and stuff in that I still have in packets. This also lives in the box with the nail wheels and other gemstones etc.

Okay we're nearly there! I promise! lol. Finally, I keep some of my nail art wheels across the top of the shelves, because looking at them makes me happy. I also keep my Konad stamping plates etc and spare cuticle pushers and the like in a metal tin.

I forgot about these..... I keep all my nail art brushes, dotting tools and tweezers in the box with the gemstones.

I think that's it! It's a lot I know, but the way I see it, I don't drink and party like a lot of people do, so I can spend my money on ridiculous amounts of nail

Hope you guys liked this! Don't forget to enter my giveaway for some Lady Gaga goodies HERE

Speak soon



  1. Nail heaven! I am like you I too LOVE nail polish...but sadly they all reside in a box a the mo.... very inspirational post!

    1. Both shelves are now completely full! eeep! I have a serious problem. lol!! x

  2. Holy crap! I could not be more jealous! Lovely collection :) If i was you, I'd be changing my nails 5 times a day lol! x

  3. Wowsers.. this makes me feel so much better haha!

    Nic x


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