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Best Friends tag: Bloggers Edition!

Hi Chummies!

Every now and then, you get lucky and meet someone that you think, may be your ACTUAL friend soulmate. Lucky for me, I was thrust in to the life of Sera from The Agoraphobic Fashionista, thankfully (although I'm not sure how willingly!) she accepted me with open(ish) arms. 
And now here we are! Beffers for life!!

So a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a few blogs featuring best friend tags, and I thought to myself, here, my best friend is awesome, we should totally do this! And dear we are:

How and when did you meet and what were your first impressions?
Sera: First came across Bex on twitter and she seemed like a smart follow tbh, her mua experience filtered out onto her timeline and as a makeup novice I thought I could learn something from her. I've been lucky enough to actually meet Bex as she made the journey down to see me. First real life impressions were that she was a breath of fresh air! And came into my life at the perfect time.

Bex: I first met the lovely Sera on twitter through a mutual friend, we met in real life earlier this year. First impression? We are so alike! lol, oh, and no offence Sera, but I was surprised at how tiny she is! haha.
Whats your favourite memory together?
Sera: Definitely the makeup challenge we did the day we met. We recorded a youtube video and laughed the whole way through it. 

Bex: Probably filming the blindfold make up challenge, we had just met that day for the first time, and we proceeded to spend the afternoon in fits of giggles looking like absolute ejits!

you can watch it here :) prepare yourselves.....

Describe each other in one word:
Sera: Open. one thing I always value is openness and honesty and with Bex what you see is what you get. a great friend to have. A rare find.

Bex: Inspiring. I find Sera incredibly inspiring, from her blog, to her weight loss, to dealing with her mental health. There is nothing that sera can't handle and I hope one day I will be the same!

What's your dream job?
Sera: Writer. in any capacity if I'm honest. I just find such peace when I'm writing it would be beyond amazing to be able to make a career out of doing it.
Bex: Full time make up artist. At the moment I freelance part time, but I would love to be doing it everyday!

What's your favourite make-up brand?
Sera: Ooo I don't know, I really don't. I love NYC and there are more but I'm only beginning my makeup journey!

Bex: I honestly don't have one, I love different things from different brands, some faves are Chanel, Sleek, MAC and NYC!

What is something that annoys you about each other?
Sera: I totally get to mention timekeeping here right?? Bex has no concept of time. I think anyone in her life will tell you that. it's a learning curve for me but I'm dealing with it  ;) (Bex: this is 100% true....)

Bex: Sometimes when something stressful happens, Sera can get a little waylaid and focus on the negative element of the experience, where as I look at it as an achievement, another thing that she has gotten through like an absolute champ! You just need to give her a wee reminder of all she has achieved :)

If you could go anywhere together, where would it be and why?
Sera: On a night out. Might seem like small fish to some but that would be huge and ever so slightly epic.

Bex: I'd love to take sera to New York some day, I think she would adore all the shopping and just how beautiful a city it is. We will get there!

Who takes longest to get ready?
Sera: It's going to be Bex. I have a 3 year old so make up is always a rush job anyway!

Bex: Me. haha, I don't think anyone takes as long as me to get ready, I just like to take my time! lol

What is like having a friend that blogs?
Sera: Amazing! Sharing make up and style tips is fun!!! 

Bex: It's awesome! I'm always so so proud of Sera and her blog, and look to her for advice and inspiration all the time.

Heels or Flats?
Sera: Heels, only because I'm so short!

Bex: Flats, definitely flats. I'm 5'8 which is considered tall in the UK, I don't need the extra height, or discomfort!

Pants or Dresses?
Sera: Dresses!

Bex: Dresses! I'm definitely a girly girl and can't resist a pretty dress, although I am a big fan of cropped skinnys atm.

Favourite Animal?
Sera: A dog. We haven't got one at the moment after losing our Fudge but one day!

Bex: My doggies!!

If your house was burning down and your entire family was safe, what would you save and why?

Sera: My laptop. without a doubt! my life is on there lol

Bex: This is going to seem mental to some people....but my make up brushes. they're my babies!

What is something weird you eat?
Sera: Pate and Stilton on toast dipped in balsamic vinegar. Everyone I tell that to turns their noses up, until they've tried it that is!

Bex: I don't know if i eat anything weird really....but I brush my teeth with hot water and a lot of people find that really weird.

What is your favourite blog (other than each others)? 

Sera: Big Fashionista!!! is amazing. I love people who can say what they're thinking. Bex and kellie are the top two for doing so!

Bex: Mine would have to be A Model Recommends. I've read Ruth's blog for years now, and whilst generally I can only dream of being able to afford half of the stuff, I love how honest and down to earth she is, and her posts are always entertaining and funny.

Phew! That's all the questions answered! Cyber high five!

Earlier this week Sera got some crackin news, she has been shortlisted for the Best Lifestyle Blog for the Cosmo Blog Awards!!! I am so proud of Sera and can't think of anyone that deserves to win more!!

I would love if you jumped over and checked out Sera's blog The Agoraphobic Fashionista and maybe then you could jump over and place a vote for her in the Cosmo Blog Awards! 

You can check out Sera's post on the Best Friend Tag: Blogger Edition here :) And be sure to let us know if there are any other tag's you would like us to do!

Have any of you done the Best Friend tag? Leave me your links so I can check it out! And don't forget to vote for Sera in the Cosmo Blog awards!

Speak soon lovelies



  1. It's fun to know that blogs can really be a medium for people to meet and really be friends. :)
    Love the black and white ensemble!

    Style | Reader (INT Persunmall Giveaway on the blog)

    1. Isn't it so good! Sera's the best! Thanks for the comment :D

  2. Hey Bex! Found you through Sera's blog and hopped on over to say hello. This was a lovely post - blogging has brought so many great people into my life xo

    1. Hi Emma! Yay! Thanks so much for coming over! xx


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